Hello, and Welcome!

"Uprooted" is the term for pulling a plant out of the ground.
It's also defined as moving from a home or familiar location.

Both of these definitions are true for me, as I've been enjoying a plant-based lifestyles for twelve years as well as relocating myself around the U.S. frequently.

And "foodie"? Well... that one doesn't need much of an explanation.

So, hang out! Browse some reviews, read some vegan tips, or even enjoy some adventure footage (both in the kitchen and on the road!) from my YouTube channel.

Uprooted Foodie is also a heavily collaborative community!

Please reach out if you have insight to share. I'd love to have you as a guest contributor or give you a shout-out in the email newsletter - speaking of which, you'll want to sign up for that, for fun and informative things!)

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with my whereabouts in real time and participate in giveaways from time to time: @uprootedfoodie

Whatever brings you here: Welcome!

Peace, Love, & Plants.

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